See The Little Beasts (A Work In Progress) at The Other Palace and have your say!

You can help develop this on-stage show!

What happens to naughty children who’ve gone too far?

This dark but funny musical follows a selfish girl who runs away from home and discovers a magical world filled with animals that used to be children!

She finds out their naughtiness brought them to untimely ends… When the menacing person in charge of turning kids into animals asks her to choose one to set free, she must decide which one has learned its lesson.

But things are not what they seem, and is any child truly naughty?

Now, you can be part of the first audience to see this brand new musical and can even have your say in how it should look!

The Little Beasts was selected by Andrew Lloyd Webber as part of his new Work In Progress project. He’s a really famous composer and is well-known for making musicals!

The show is presented with minimal props, set, and costumes. That means it can be rewritten and changed based on your feedback!

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