Sing-a-Long-a ANNIE at The Playhouse, Edinburgh (20 June; 2pm)

Have you ever been to a film musical and had the uncontrollable urge to burst into song?

Sing-a-Long-a ANNIE continues the tradition of Irresistible Interactive Fun with a screening (with subtitles so everyone can join in) of the 1982 hit film starring Albert Finney, Tim Curry, Carol Burnett, a sweet little girl (in fact a whole orphanage-full) and a cute doggy.

Add to that a fabulous score of great songs (“It’s a Hard Knock Life”, “Let’s Go To The Movies”, “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”, “Easy Street” and of course “Tomorrow”), and the chance to wear a bald pate (Daddy Warbucks), an ill-fitting ginger wig (Annie) or The Biggest Smile in town (if you want to be fully-dressed) and you have a guaranteed great night out.

Expect all the Sing-a-long-a regulars – free goody bag, magic moments, fancy dress competition and the chance to cheer, boo and hiss to your heart’s content. And, if you can’t get your costume together, remember, it’s what you wear from ear to ear and not from head to toe that maaaatters………………


Adults $14.50
Children £11.00

Here are a few more details about the show:

Fancy dress
It’s not compulsory to dress up but many people do and it really adds to the fun. Dip into the wardrobe of your imagination and surprise us with your creation.

The pre-show
There is a 30-minute pre-film show during which the host leads you through a vocal warm-up, prepares you for special moments throughout the film and judges the fancy dress competition. Everyone receives a free goody bag with special props for the “magic moments” that make the evening go with a bang.

Running time
With pre-show, Sing-a-long-a Annie show lasts about 2 hours 30 mins, with an interval.

The interval
This takes place after about one and a quarter hours and lasts for 15 minutes.

Film Certificate
Annie is a U certificate film in the UK and so is suitable for all ages. It is a classic family film, although it is possible that, especially at later shows, that the audience’s contributions may be lively – remember that the first rule of Sing-a-long-a is THERE ARE NO RULES!