Sing-a-long-a ‘High School Musical 3’ – Empire Theatre, Liverpool (5 July; 2pm)


A screening of the High SChool Musical 3 with subtitles on-screen so you can sing along to every word

Especially for the family audience, this action-packed show bursts with singing and dancing and YOU ARE THE STARS.  With free goody bags, fancy dress and our live host to lead you through all the magic moments, you are guaranteed a great time.  But it’s when you, the audience, take over that the fun really begins!

High School Musical 3 tells the story of Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) in their senior year struggling with the idea of being separated from one another as college approaches. Along with the rest of the Wildcats, they stage a musical to address their experiences, hopes and fears about the future.

Dress up as a Wildcat, Troy, Gabriella, Tiara Gold or (if you’re really boring Troy’s dad Jack) and be Top of the Class…

Ideal for all ages.

Empire Theatre, Liverpool
Adults – £14.50
Children £11.00

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Have you ever been to a film musical and had the uncontrollable urge to burst into song?

The Singalonga shows are your chance to let your hair down with a whole auditorium full of other people – in the case of Hairspray, no amount of hair products will be able to stop you!

The show begins with your host leading you through a vocal warm-up, judge the fancy dress competition and award the prizes. Costumes are not compulsory but they are highly recommended and you will be amazed at the inventiveness on display. The host will then show you how to use your free goody bag throughout the film and suggest some appropriate heckles and accompanying actions.

Then, you sit back and watch the movie with the lyrics for all the songs on the screen, so you won’t miss a chance to sing your hearts out. The audience takes over as the star of the show from this point and almost anything can happen – the first rule of Sing-a-long-a is THERE ARE NO RULES!

Fancy dress
It’s not compulsory to dress up but many people do and it really adds to the fun. Dip into the wardrobe of your imagination and surprise us with your creation.

The pre-show
There is a 30-minute pre-film show during which the host leads you through a vocal warm-up, prepares you for special moments throughout the film and judges the fancy dress competition. Everyone receives a free goody bag with special props for the “magic moments” that make the evening go with a bang.

Suitability for children