Sleeping Beauty @ Becks Theatre

Sleeping BeautySleeping Beauty
The Pantomime of Your Dreams!


  • LORRAINE CHASE as Carabosse – The Wicked Fairy
  • MARK JONES as Muddles

Performance Schedule

Sat 11 Dec     1.30pm*     5.30pm*
Sun 12 Dec     1.30pm*     5.30pm*
Mon 13 Dec     No Performance
Tue 14 Dec     10.30pm*     2.30pm*
Wed 15 Dec     10.30am*     2.30pm*
Thu 16 Dec     2.00pm*     7.00pm*
Fri 17 Dec     2.00pm     7.00pm*
Sat 18 Dec     1.30pm     5.30pm
Sun 19 Dec     1.30pm     5.30pm*
Mon 20 Dec     No Performance
Tue 21 Dec     2.00pm*     7.00pm*
Wed 22 Dec     2.00pm*     7.00pm*
Thu 23 Dec     2.00pm*     7.00pm*
Fri 24 Dec     1.30pm     5.30pm
Sat 25 Dec     No Performance
Sun 26 Dec     1.30pm     5.30pm
Mon 27 Dec     2.00pm     7.00pm
Tue 28 Dec     2.00pm     7.00pm*
Wed 29 Dec     2.00pm     7.00pm*
Thu 30 Dec     2.00pm     7.00pm*
Fri 31 Dec     1.30pm*     5.30pm*
Sat 1 Jan     No Performance
Sun 2 Jan     1.30pm     5.30pm*

The Beck Theatre
Grange Road