Southbank Funfair and The Lands @ Southbank (22 April to 4 September)

festival-of-britainAs part of their Festival of Britain at the Southbank Centre, Southbank have set up a funfair full of retro fun for the family!
There are lots of classic fairground rides and attractions such as Austin cars, a carousel and helter skelter, as well as plenty of stalls selling different types of food and other items.

After getting you’re fill of the rides you can then check out The Lands, which are filled with pop-up structures, artworks, films and exhibitions.

the_lands Each of these ‘lands’ is themed according to one of the most significant themes in 1951: Land, Power & Production, Seaside and People of Britain.

Go on a seaside holiday by the river, visit the countryside around and about Queen Elizabeth Hall, visit an area devoted to power and production near the Hayward Gallery, or look at portraits of modern Britain in the new High Street alongside Royal Festival Hall.

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