Sport Relief 2010 (Friday 19 to Sunday 21 March)

SportSport Relief 2010 is finally here – and it’s the perfect opportunity for you and your group to have fun, be active, and make a difference.

That’s because all the cash you raise will be spent by Comic Relief to help poor and vulnerable people, both here at home and overseas.

All the money raised by the public is spent by Comic Relief to help transform the lives of poor and vulnerable people, both at home and across the world’s poorest countries.

Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile

  • There’s no better way to rise to the challenge than by entering the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile.  It’s all set to be bigger and better than ever before, with 16 fantastic Flagship Miles and hundreds of other Mile events taking place across the UK on Sunday 21st March.Sports Relief
  • You can even choose how far you go – 1 (for toddlers), 3, or 6 miles – whichever’s a challenge for you.
  • And you might all rub shoulders with some famous faces along the way – there are 16 Flagship Miles in spectacular settings across the whole UK – like along the cobbles of Coronation Street – plus hundreds more local Mile events happening up and down the entire UK, there’s bound to be one near you.
  • The really amazing bit is that all the money you raise by getting sponsored will make the world of difference to people leading really tough lives both here in the UK and across the world’s poorest countries.
  • So what are you waiting for?

Sport Relief LazyTown party

  • Sports Releif have teamed up with Sportacus and the LazyTown gang to bring you the Sport Relief LazyTown party. Join in the fun and raise cash for Sport Relief by hosting your own party on Friday 19th March. Sportacus and his friends from LazyTown are here to help you!
  • Make sure you order your Early Years Activity Kit – it’s brimming with party games, fundraising ideas, stickers and a colour storybook about Sonia, a five-year-old girl who lives in India. The Kit has everything you need to have a fantastic, fun party which helps raise loads of money to change lives forever.

Be a sport and dress upYoung Sports
One thing’s for sure – kids absolutely love to dress up. So let them! It’s the perfect way to raise cash for Sport Relief – simply collect donations from parents and carers when they bring their children to the party in costume.

Here are our top sports-themed fancy dress ideas.

  • Dress as your favourite LazyTown character
  • Sportswear – or dress up as your favourite sports star
  • Wear red for Sport Relief!

If you feel like stepping up the challenge a bit, why not take your fundraising to the next level by holding a fashion parade or fancy dress competition with everyone dressed in their finery?

How about challenging staff and parents to dress up as well? Fancy dress can be fun for absolutely everyone in your group…

Sportacus Says – Everyone loves “Simon Says”, so here’s a very special Sport Relief LazyTown party version! Nominate a child to be Sportacus, and when they say “Sportacus Says” followed by an action (i.e. Sportacus Says do a star jump) everyone has to copy them – but if they don’t say “Sportacus Says” and you do it, you’re out!

Why not raise cash with some sporty challenges which are fun for everyone! Just choose your challenge, hand out sponsor forms (or collect entry fees), and you’re ready to go!

  • How many keepie-uppies can your group do with a Sport Relief Balloon?
  • Skipping challenge – how many times can your group jump the rope?
  • Throwing challenge – how many balls can you get into a bucket?
  • Get your little ones to travel a Mile in a relay. They can walk, jump, skip or run – whatever they want!

Are you game for a laugh?
It’s easy to make your Sport Relief LazyTown party extra special with our brilliant party games that your little ones will just love! Remember to collect donations to take part.  How about trying some of these classics?

  • Musical Chairs – when the music stops, find a chair – but one gets taken away each time!
  • What’s The Time Mr Wolf? – your little ones take steps towards Mr Wolf – but have to run when it’s dinnertime!
  • Musical Bumps – when the music stops, be quick! Last one to sit down is out!

Tasty treats
Your Sport Relief LazyTown party is the perfect opportunity to break out the Sports Candy and get your little ones snacking on healthy treats!  Why not invite parents and carers to join in the fun at the party – you could even ask them to bake, make and sell healthy snacks to raise cash!

Make snack time fun by turning your little ones into a human fruit machine! Collect donations from those taking part to raise that all-important fundraising cash.  Here’s how:

  • Pick three children, and blindfold them.
  • Put an assortment of fruit in front of each child.
  • Get another child to shout, “Go!”
  • Each blindfolded child picks up a piece of fruit. If they match, the child wins a prize.
  • Once the player has had their turn, they choose a piece of fruit to eat.

Make a song and dance out of it
Little ones love to sing and dance, so why not use this to raise cash? They could get sponsored for how many songs they dance to – or they could pay a small donation to take part!  How about playing a compilation of their favourite songs – that’s bound to get everyone up and moving! You could even make up actions to get everyone up and moving, and award prizes for the best, funniest, or most imaginative dancers!  Dance the night away!

  • Don’t keep the party just for the little ones – invite parents and carers along to help your Sport Relief LazyTown party go with a swing!
  • Make sure they have a go at doing the actions too, and you could even have a dance-off to find your group’s champion mover! Collect donations from all comers to boost your fundraising total.
  • When everyone’s up and dancing, there’s nothing like a game of Musical Statues to make your little ones smile!
  • It’s an old absolute classic – just get everyone to freeze when the music stops, and maybe use the stickers from your Early Years Activity kit as prizes!