Creative Kids Engineering Academy @ London Transport Museum (24 July to 29 August)

LT-MuseumJoin the London Transport Museum’s Kids Engineering Academy

Using a variety of materials including construction straws, nuts and bolts, spaghetti, balloons, giant building bricks and water, discover how scientists and engineers have assisted London’s ever-changing landscape as we help answer the questions what is engineering, what is an engineer and what do engineers do?  With this new knowledge, budding builders and engineers are invited to help re-construct London’s miniature Capital filling it with the tallest towers, strongest structures and brilliant bridges.

Every week we will explore a new theme and experiment; this programme of activities forms part of Capital Science, a celebration for the 350th Anniversary of the Royal Society.

Week 1:  Strongest structures
24 July to 1 August

  • Are triangles stronger than squares? Participate in the spaghetti strengthening challenge, house of cards and triangle versus square experiments then build a platform that holds the weight of a model London Overground station.

Week 2:  Tallest towers
2 to 8 August

  • Tall towers and buildings have to withstand high wind force. Test this theory with Jenga, soft bricks and construction straws. The largest crane in the UK was used to build the new London Overground line. Reconstruct this magnificent machine with the use of everyday house-hold objects.

Week 3:  Build a better bridge
9 to 15 August

  • Engineers are creative problem solvers.  This weeks experiment is the fabulous arch bridge, which can take the weight of a small child.  Can you build a bridge across a model River Thames which will hold the weight of a tiny London bus?

Week 4:  Rainy days
16 to 22 August

  • Engineering is essential to our daily lives.  Test out waterproof materials, trial roof shapes and be amazed at the moving water experiment.  Nobody likes waiting for a bus in the rain; help us construct a miniature bus shelter that will keep three toy passengers nice and dry.

Week 5:  Full to capacity
23 to 29 August

  • Float, sink, submerge?  Learn how to make a boat that will take the weight of a small passenger.  Take your boat home and test it at bath time.

Sing along: Build it up with sticks and stones
Wednesdays and Fridays
11.30 & 16.00 (sessions last 20 minutes)

  • Budding baby builders can listen to transport tales and railway rhymes then sing-along to the old children’s favourite London Bridge is falling down. These action-packed story telling sessions will help our littlest visitors understand the science behind engineering.
  • Storytelling, suitable for under 5s

Be Safe Week
23 to 27 August 2010

  • Upon arrival, collect your Be Safe Passport and start collecting stamps from the Museum’s Safety & Citizenship team and guests who will conduct practical demonstrations for young people about travelling on the Capital’s transport networks and keeping safe and environmentally savvy.
  • Be safe week suitable for all ages


Free to accompanied children under 16.
Adults £10.00
Senior Citizens £8.00
Students £6.00*.

London Transport Museum
Covent Garden Piazza, London, WC2E 7BB

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