St Andrew’s Day


On 30 November, Scots all around the world will be celebrating Scotland’s national day, St Andrew’s Day.

Fun facts

  1. St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland
  2. St Andrew is celebrated on 30 November
  3. St Andrew’s Day is a day to celebrate Scottish culture, cuisine and ceilidhs
  4. St Andrew’s flag is the flag of Scotland
  5. It’s in the form of a white X on a blue background
  6. It is commonly known as The Saltire
  7. St Andrew’s Societies exist around the world to celebrate Scottish culture

Taking care of fishermen, helping maidens find husbands, soothing gout sufferers, as well as watching over millions of Scots descendants; Saint Andrew won’t have a minute to himself on November 30th! As people from Siberia to Saltcoats celebrate Scotland’s National Day, explore the facts, legends and celebrations surrounding one of the world’s busiest saints.

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