National Family Week – storytime events on Fun Kids and around London (26 to 30 May)


Wednesday 27th May is Story Time for families everywhere. National Family Week will be encouraging storytelling in a variety of formats, throughout the day. It’s any story, any time, anywhere, any family.

Storytelling is the oldest art form in the world, but in the modern world it can be done in more ways than ever before. Sharing a story can be a powerful and meaningful experience, as well as a fun one. As well as encouraging reading, widening vocabulary and igniting children’s imagination, it’s also an incredibly simple and effective way of strengthening relationships within families.

Stories could be read, told, written, acted, signed or sung. They could be used to wake up and entertain the family at breakfast time; to make a car journey more exciting; or to create a relaxed and affectionate atmosphere between parents or grandparents and children at bedtime. Storytelling sessions will happen in libraries, schools, homes, shops and online.

During Family Week Story Time, a totaliser will appear on the National Family Week website in the Story Time zone, which will show the number of people who have told or heard a story, with an incentivised target to be reached by the end of the day.

Stories on Fun Kids

Fun Kids will be closley involved with Story Time day, and on the hour, every hour, we will broadcast a story as follow:

6am – Angelina Ballerina
7am – Terry Jones’ Fair Tales
8am – Nick Jr
9am – Barney
10am -Thomas and Friends
11am – Angelina Ballerina
12 noon – Barney
1pm – Thomas and Friends
2pm – Angelina
3pm – Chuck the Eco Duck
4pm – Terry Jones’ Fair Tales
5pm – Nick Jr
6pm – Terry Jones’ Fair Tales
7pm – Nick Jr Bedtime Story

Chuck the Eco Duck is a new character for Fun Kids, and one we hope you will hear a lot more from later this year.  Chuck tells the on-going adventures of a conscientious, ecologically minded duck and his efforts to help the Farm he lives on and all his animal friends.  In fact, unless he’s away on a mission, Chuck’s first job every morning is to check the welfare of everyone on the Farm.  He’s very protective and determined to do all he can for his friends and his home.

And whether it’s the need for a new source of energy or to make the local river clean or to help a stranded bird who’s a long way off course — Chuck will use every resource at his disposal to find a solution — with a little help from his friends.  At the same time, Chuck learns that what is good for the Farm is also good for everybody, no matter where they live.
After all his slogan is — ‘Love Your World!’

National Family Week Events

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