Exhibition – ‘Use Your Imagination’ @ The V&A Museum of Childhood (to 6 June)

Use Your Imagination: Toys by Tomorrow’s Designers

  • An exhibition that focuses on the quality of toy design.
  • Play is a vitally important element in children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development: It is how we learn about the world. Toys are the tools of a child’s play and need to be well designed to fit the purpose .The market is saturated with commercially hyped, over-packaged products with short lived appeal.
  • But what makes a good toy?
  • Applied Art students from Middlesex University have come up with some design solutions. Using the Museum*s British Toy Making archive they have designed from a child’s perspective and have consulted with the real consumers -the kids. Their design concepts have been rigorously tested by a panel of five to ten year olds. If you thought the Dragon*s Den was scary try asking a critical six year old!
  • Children can represent a challenging client group for young designers but ultimately they are the arbiters of good design and decide whether a
    toy is playworthy or not, so their opinion matters.
  • The students have worked with Key Stage 1 and 2 primary school children from two local schools: Christchurch and Hague, who have provided feedback on their designs from concept drawings through to prototype.
  • Also on display is work by pupils from Christchurch and Swanlea Schools. Working with artists they have unleashed their imagination and explored the versatility of the cardboard box as a plaything.

Where can I find out more?
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