Summer @ Vauxhall City Farm

Are you sat at home bored? Don’t waste your summer, get out and about!

This summer Vauxhall City Farm have got an awesome day out for people who love animals. You can see a range of animals at the farm. Whether you want to get chased by hens, pet the goats or sniff the stinky ferrets, Vauxhall City Farm has everything you could want.

As well as these free drop in sessions, there is also an opportunity for kids to experience life as a farmer! You could get to muck out the animals, make sure they’re all healthy and even make butter!

Get your straw hat and wellies ready…we’re off to the farm!

Event Info:

Dates: 13th August 2012-30th August 2012

Price: Initial £1 Membership, then Free!

Ages: Suitable for all ages.

Opening Times: Wednesday-Sunday

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