Takeover Day with Kids in Museums (11 November)

newlogosmall.1.1If you go to a museum on Friday 11th November, you’re in for a big surprise.

That’s the day on which, throughout the country, museum directors, front of house, curators, website designers, shop assistants and catering staff will be replaced by children. Look out for the ‘I’m Taking Over’ stickers they’ll be wearing.

Friday 11th November is Takeover Day in museums, the day on which young people are given a meaningful role in museums, galleries, heritage sites and historic homes. Here’s just some of the ways in which they’re becoming involved:

Hampton Court Palace

Older heads will be rolling at Hampton Court Palace on Friday 11th November, as the job of Head of Visitor Services, Visitor Experience Manager and even the State Apartment Warder Supervisor will all be done by 15-year-olds.

Pitt Rivers Museum and Oxford Museum of Natural History

What goes on in the minds of teenagers? That’s what the Pitt Rivers Museum and Oxford Museum of Natural History want to discover on Friday 11th November, when their teenage taskforce man the front of house, greeting visitors.

The teenagers will be asked to reveal what would make them come to the museums without their parents and – if they came to a ‘cushion concert’ in the museum – who would they want to hear. Suggestions please!

Ironbridge, Shropshire

Children will be running the show, as they turn into managers at Ironbridge museums, coming up with initiatives to sustain young people’s interest in exhibitions rather than getting bored quickly, developing ideas for the museums’ retail outlets and drawing up a marketing plan on how to attract more families.


To find out more about Takeover Day in museums – and who‘s taking part – go to the Kids in Museums website or visit the Children’s Commissioner Takeover Day site.