The Boat Race @ River Thames (26 Mar)

Boat race 2The annual boat race between two of Britain’s most illustrious universities, Oxford and Cambridge, draws up to a quarter of a million spectators to the banks of the Thames for thrilling views of the tense action.

The world’s most famous rowing race began in 1829, when Cambridge student Charles Merivale sent a challenge to his former Harrow schoolfriend Charles Wordsworth (nephew of the poet) at Oxford.

Today, tradition holds that the losing team each year issues a challenge to the winner for a re-match the following March or April.

The closest finish in the race’s history was in 2003, when there was just a foot between the Cambridge boat and the winners, Oxford. A dead heat was recorded in 1877, but the gap between the boats was thought to be as much as 2 metres (6 ft) – there was no finishing line photography in those days.

The 6.5-km (4.25-mile) race starts out at Putney and finishes at Mortlake; spectators can watch the boat race all along the course from both sides of the river, but prime viewing spots are: Putney Bridge, Putney Embankment and the towpath in front of Bishops Park at the start; Hammersmith and Barnes towards the middle of the course; and Duke’s Meadows and Chiswick Bridge at the end.

This year’s race starts at 5pm

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