Theatre – ‘The Cat Who Ran’ at the Unicorn Theatre (FINAL DAYS – ends 8 March)

Ran is the smallest kitten of the litter and he’s just not up to scratch. He can’t jump, hide or pounce as well as his brothers and sisters. So he trains tirelessly to try and improve his cat skills. But to no avail. Thirsty from his endless training, Ran takes a break at a pond where he meets a goldfish; they become best friends and play together every day.

One day Mother Cat announces a test of cat skills for Ran and all the other kittens. They must catch the goldfish in the pond. What will Ran do?

5 to 8

50 minutes, no interval

Adults £10
Children £7.50
Schools £6
Family Ticket £28 (4 people at least one of whom is a child).

Sun 1 Mar 2.30pm

Tue 3 Mar 10.45am

Wed 4 Mar 10.45am & 1.45pm

Thu 5 Mar 10.45am

Fri 6 Mar 10.45am

Sat 7 Mar 11.30am & 2.30pm

Sun 8 Mar 2.30pm

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