The Deep Sea @ Natural History Museum (Until 5 Sept)

angler-fishYour imagination stops at 100 metres, but the Natural History Museum’s new exhibition will take you down 11,000 metres.

The Deep Sea plunges you into the abyss, revealing a deep-sea environment less explored than the surface of the moon. With bizarre creatures that have adapted to their harsh world in wonderful ways and extraordinary yet fragile biodiversity, you will discover the history of deep-sea exploration, cutting-edge technologies used today and learn how Museum scientists are helping to preserve this important ecosystem.

Exhibition highlights include seeing the Bathysphere steel ball and modern exploration devices, riding in a submersible, discovering how a carcass can become a rich ecosystem, and looking at real specimens, some on display for the first time!

Dates and times:
until 5 September, 10.00–17.50 (last admission 17.30)

Adult, Gift Aid admission £8*

Child and concession, Gift Aid admission £4.50*

Family, Gift Aid admission £22* (up to two adults and
three children)

Free for Members, Patrons and children under four

*If you are a UK taxpayer and pay the Gift Aid admission ticket price, the Natural History Museum can reclaim the tax on the whole ticket price you pay. For every £100 worth of tickets sold, we can claim an extra £28 from Government. This means you can further support the work of the Museum. The standard admission charges are adult £7, concessions £4 and family £19. The right of entry is the same for visitors with or without the voluntary donation.

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