The Harry Potter London Tour (to 14 Jan)

THarry Potterake a DIY tour around the hidden spots of the capital that are connected to Harry Potter and his magical life.

Download the guide from the website below, set off when you want, take a tea break when you want, stop when you want … all you have to do is wave your wand and off you go.

This free London walks is brought to you by The Magician to provide a DIY tour and Treasure Hunt that will enable you to explore some of London’s hidden away and most fascinating places.

In short you will be able to enjoy a truly magical day out in Central London.

The tour is devised to be undertaken by bus and tube, and thus People in the Harry Potter Tour Phone are provided with step by step directions to enable you to find your way around London. These detailed directions even tell you which underground Station to get on at, which one to get off at and then they guide you around hidden streets and secret places on a series of fascinating London walks that will introduce you to some truly magical places.

The Harry Potter Tour and London Treasure Hunt is aimed at families. Thus it has been structured as both a London tour and a London Treasure Hunt. It is intended to be both informative and entertaining.

The tour is divided into easy to follow sections that guide you through the streets of London and each section of the Harry Potter Tour ends at a Harry Potter Film location.