The Legend of Captain Crow’s Teeth @ The Unicorn Theatre (30 March to 15 April)


Check out this exciting show based on the book by Eoin Colfer and including a spooky sleepover!

Will is nine. And as family holidays go, this one isn’t very promising.  I mean, would you want to spend three weeks in a cramped caravan by the sea with your four brothers?

But this is not an ordinary seaside town. Hundreds of years ago it was terrorised by the legendary Captain Crow, a cut-throat pirate who lured innocent sailors to their certain deaths in search of treasure.

Until, that is, he was killed – by a nine year old cabin boy.

Today the fearsome pirate’s spirit still haunts the area and has a particular grievance against nine year old boys. Suddenly Will’s holiday is looking a bit too exciting…

Join Will, his family and a motley crew of pirates in a thrilling new adaptation devised by Matthew Lenton, Artistic Director of Vanishing Point.

Spooky Sleepover

If you think you’re brave enough, then take part in the spooky sleepover on Friday 13th April!

You’ll spend the night on stage with the company of Captain Crow – think you can handle it?

Tickets for the children-only event cost £50 and can be booked through the Box Office

Event Info:

Show Duration: 70min

Price: £15 Adults / £10 Kids

Age: 7+

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