The Lord Mayors Show London (14 Nov)

The Lord Mayors Show London celebrates an 800 year London tradition in grand, historic style. Take to the streets on Saturday 14th November to enjoy parades, festivities, fireworks and more in an historic London event.

Historic event
The fireworks spectacle and parade first took place in 1215 in which the Lord Mayor was presented to the Sovereign for approval. The procession’s traditional journey from the City to Westminster has over the years grown in size and the event now includes a full parade and show, in which officials, workers and Londoners of all ages and all walks of life come together to celebrate London’s heritage.

Lord Mayors Show London procession
Around 6,000 people will be involved in the event alongside carriages, marching bands, floats and other vehicles. The procession itself is just under three miles long, and promises to be a memorable sight as it makes its way from The City to St Paul’s Cathedral. Starting out from Mansion House the beginning of the procession will be marked by aircraft flying past to commemorate Armistice Day.

Pomp and circumstance
The Lord Mayors Show London is a traditional affair combining as it does eight centuries of London history. The first event to ever be broadcast live on TV, it has survived the Black Death and The Blitz and this year’s event is expected to attract 500,000 people to the capital’s streets whilst millions more watch the event at home on TV.

Showstopping fireworks
It is traditional for the Lord Mayors Show London event to finish spectacularly with a gigantic fireworks display launched from a barge on the River Thames, located between Waterloo Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge. The fireworks display marks the end of the show and the beginning of a new mayoral year and it is widely expected to be one of the most stunning fireworks displays of 2009. Crowds of Londoners will head to the river to watch the fireworks which will start at 5pm.

The Lord Mayors Show London takes place on Saturday 14th November, with the procession beginning at 11am. Arrive early anywhere along the route to ensure a good spot. The event is free to attend. Fireworks are due to begin at 5pm.