The Royal Horse Gala @ O2 Arena (11 / 12 Sept)

the-royal-horse-gala_lrgA spectacular presentation of magical, artfully choreographed dressage performances by Lipizzaner, Lusitano, Andalusian Arabs and Friesian stallions from five of the world’s outstanding classical riding schools.

Horse and theatre lovers alike will be thrilled by the spectacle of 36 impressive stallions- Lipizzaners from the Lipica Stud; Andalusians from the Spanish Riding school of Samuel Lopez Ortiz at Albecete; Lusitanoes from different Portugese Riding School, Friesians from the Royal Stud of the Netherlands as well as the highly trainable Arabs performing flamboyant displays of classical dressage and horsemanship to the rhythmic sounds of flamenco music enhanced by spectacular theatrical lighting that will conjure up all the passion of Spain.

19599aElegance, harmony and power combine in a demonstration of the partnership and the special bond that exists between horse and rider. Among the performances that the stallions and their immensely talented riders in bright and exotic costumes will present are: a simulated garrocha – the work with the bull that will have spectators on the edge of their seats; a breathtaking piaffe to music and Pas de Deux – horse ballet at its best; incredible circus acts; group performances such as the majestic Grand Quadrille and the piece de resistance, a complete Grand Prix performance on the long rein by Raphael Lopez,Master Horse Trainer of Caballos Espanoles French horse whisperer Jean-Marc Imbert, who trains his horses bareback using only his voice, will make a special guest appearance.

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Sat 11 Sept @ 14:00 and 19:00
Sun 12 Sept @ 14:00

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