The Singing Kettle @ Carlisle Sands Centre (4 September)

singing-kettle“Och aye the noo !” Scotland’s favourite children’s entertainers The Singing Kettle have a brand new live show called Calamity Castle and it’s coming to the Carlisle Sands Centre!

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They are dressed to impress after being invited by the Laird of Kettle to help get the castle ready for it’s Grand Annual Ceilidh. The action takes place in the Great Hall of Calamity Castle but things just aren’t what they should be. In fact the place is a real mess!

While Cilla, Artie, Gary and Kevin get to work to put things right, there’s all sorts of strange goings on about to happen! Our four tartan heroes are easily distracted along the way from a talking Stags Head, a ticklish suit of Armour and a blocked chimney!

Bonzo tries helping out with the cleaning and even ends up on a ghost hunt. While all this is going on, Jock and Jeremy the Singing Kettle’s own chefs attempt to cook up a dish fit for a banquet that ends in utter chaos. Can all the work be finished in time for the Grand Ceilidh? Yes, but only with the assistance of young helpers in the audience who have a chance to join in with the action on stage!

There’s lots of fantastic new songs like “Come to the Ceilidh”, “Wild and Free” and “Did you ever see a Lassie”, as well as all time favourite songs like “Shove Yer Granny” and “Buy Me a Banana”. Making for a superb singalong, action packed adventure ……. full of mishaps !

Remember to Dress up in Tartan for some crazy Highland Fun and Games at Calamity Castle. For girls and boys of all ages.

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