Theatre – ‘Horrible Histories Live’ (July dates)


The Horrible Histories national tour uses amazing 3D special Bogglevision effects to bring the World War One and World War Two in two spectacular shows.

Terry Deary’s Frightful First World War has amazing 3D scenes to thrill the young audience include the sinking of the Lusitania, trench rats jumping into the auditorium and tanks rumbling into the stalls, blasting the audience! Get a flavour of what it was like to go ‘over the top’, facing a hailstorm of bullets and mortars in no mans land. This play tells the story of 13 year old Angelica Taylor who gets sucked into the Horrible Histories website until she has travelled through the five years of the First World War. Suitable for 11+

Woeful Second World War is about Alf and Sally who get evacuated to darkest Wales, away from the damp shelters and nightly bombings of their home city – only to encounter rotten rations, scary schools and even scarier new parents. In the second half of the show, wear 3D specs to see the amazing Bogglevision effects, preparing for the final onslaught as the German bombers make their deadly journey towards Coventry! Suitable for 6+

Don’t miss this terrible chance to discover all the really ‘horrible’ bits of history your teacher never told you about!

New Theatre, Oxford
29 June – 4 July
Box Office: 0870 607 7484

Lyceum, Sheffield
6 July – 11 July
Box Office: 0114 249 6000

New Victoria, Woking
13 July – 18 July
Box Office: 01483 545 900

Contact your local theatre for more information and tickets.