Theatre – ‘CINDERELLA’ @ Unicorn Theatre, Southwark (5 Dec – 24 Jan 2010)

A new version by Phil Porter, directed by Tony Graham

5 Dec – 24 Jan
For ages 6+

Cinderella is at the end of her tether bailing out the family business, a floating home for retired magicians.  When she’s not bailing out the business, she’s bailing out the water – as well as cooking, sewing, mending, tending and repairing.  So when her Dad happily announces he’s found a new wife, things seem to be looking up.  But Mrs Yarg and her mean daughters are not at all what Cinderella was hoping for.

Meanwhile, the royal palace announces a ball to find the young prince a wife, and Cinderella dreams of escaping her chores for one night.  But with only the retirement home’s elderly residents for company, who’s going to work the magic she needs to get her there?  Packed with live music, this delightful screwball version of Cinderella is the perfect treat for children aged 6 and above.

£18/ Concessions £12/ Family ticket £50 (4 people, at least one of whom is a child)

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