Theatre – ‘CIRCUS MINIMUS’ @ Unicorn Theatre, Southwark (29 Dec – 3 Jan 2010)

29 Dec – 3 Jan
For ages 2-4

  • Every family is a circus: there are toddling clowns, teenage lions, mums who spin plates and dads who fly by the seat of their pants.
  • Growing, eating, sleeping and dreaming has all the fun of the fair.
  • Circus Minimus puts our everyday life in the spotlight and takes you from the front garden into the dining room and then to bed.
  • But it doesn’t stop there, as we dive into dreams and fly up to the stars and beyond.
  • Join us in a circus that puts you in the ring and lets you do your thing!

Prices: £10/ Concessions £7.50/ Family ticket £28 (4 people, at least one of whom is a child)

Times: See the full performance schedule at

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