Theatre – ‘Horrible Science Live’ (2010 dates)

Horrible ScienceHORRIBLE SCIENCE – science with all the squishy, disgusting & explosive bits left in

Birmingham Stage Company are touring with an exciting new production based on the popular Horrible Science books by Nick Arnold and illustrated by Tony De Saulles.

Using actors and amazing 3D Bogglevision special effects, HORRIBLE SCIENCE attempts to find the awful answers to important questions such as why do we produce 50,000 litres of spit in a lifetime – enough to fill 100 baths? Can you fight deadly diseases and beastly bacteria just using orange juice? Can you survive the Bathroom of Doom and the Toothbrush of Terror – when in just a few hours one bacterium can produce 100 million copies of itself to infect your towel, flannel, toothbrush and even your hands!

Join Billy Miller, a recalcitrant 10-year-old, as he battles his way through the HORRIBLE SCIENCE WORLD, facing dreadful dangers and putrid puns! They’ll encounter fatal forces such as gravity and magnetism; discover the shocking truth about electricity, how bacteria and microbe monsters inflict their killer diseases and how the different parts of the body fit together.

HORRIBLE SCIENCE is suitable for all the family aged 6+ and covers much of the science curriculum that Key Stage 2 children have to learn but deals with these topics in such unusual and hilariously disgusting ways as to seem a million miles from the classroom! Both those who already enjoy the subject and also the confirmed science haters will all find Horrible Science is unlike any theatre production they have ever seen before – a hugely fun way to learn important new things!

This astounding show will thrill you and your children – you’ll be laughing & groaning, gasping at the special effects that seem to send giant bacteria and disgusting blobby things straight at your head, while all the time you’ll be painlessly learning many more scientific facts than you knew before!

So book your tickets today for a truly HORRIBLE experience!

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Horrible Science 2010 Tour (dates confirmed so far)


21 – 25 Sept
Grand Opera Hse York
0844 8472322


5 – 16 Oct
UCL Bloomsbury Theatre London
020 7388 8822

19 – 23 Oct
Palace Theatre Manchester
0844 847 2275


2 – 6  Nov
Hawth Theatre Crawley
01293 553636

9 – 13 Nov
Civic Theatre Chelmsford
01245 606505

30 Nov – 4 Dec
Theatr Hafren Newtown
01686 625007

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