Theatre – ‘James and the Giant Peach’ @ Polka Theatre, Wimbledon (dates to 13 Feb)

Polka Theatre presents
James and the Giant Peach

  • To celebrate Polka’s 30th Birthday, we’re delighted to bring back this hugely popular show with its unique humour and gripping story this Christmas.
  • One dark night a mysterious man gives James Trotter an unexpected gift…a bag of glowing, wriggling lights, and a promise of magic.
  • When the lights break free, something amazing happens – on the long-dead tree, a single peach begins to grow, and grow, and grow…Little does James realise that the giant peach will become a magical escape from his ghastly aunts.
  • Join James and his new-found insect friends as they embark on an extraordinary adventure which takes them halfway around the world.
  • Along the way there are dangers and excitement, friends and enemies, music and laughter.
  • Will James survive the journey and find the new life he longs for?

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