Theatre – ‘Wish Wash’ at Polka Theatre (to 15 Aug)


A new interactive show for under 6s and their families

Everyone has wishes. But when wishes lose their sparkle, it’s time for a Wish Wash!

Dinah has lots of wishes, but she’s forgotten what they are. One day, when she is cleaning in the theatre where she works, she finds some extraordinary secret places. They seem to remind her of something, but she’s too nervous to explore without friends to go with her.

Join Dinah as she sets off into a magical world. You’ll meet colourful characters who will help you make a lot of mess where you shouldn’t, dance like nobody is watching, and make as much noise as you want!

Wish Wash will take you on a wonderful voyage to a messy, fantastical place where anything is possible.

Please note as this production is a promenade style performance, audience members will be required to move throughout the building ar various intervals. Seating will be provided in some locations.

To 15 August

Age Range
2 – 5

1 hour