They Might Be Giants Family Concert @ Royal Festival Hall (26 June)

They Might Be GiantsAmerican alt-rockers and multi-Grammy award winners They Might be Giants perform their new album Here Comes Science and old favourites in their long-awaited return to the UK.

On the heels of the 2009 Best Children’s Album Grammy for Here Come the 123s, They Might Be Giants’s new project, 2010’s Here Comes Science, aims at an older audience, bridging the gap between their adult and family fans with a delightful exploration of the natural world. The album is packed with stand out tracks like ‘Electric Car’, ‘Meet the Elements’, ‘My Brother the Ape’, ‘I Am A Paleontologist’ and ‘Science is Real’.

For over two decades, the legendary They Might Be Giants have been exactly that – giants. From their earliest Dial-A-Song project to their critically-acclaimed albums, breakthrough videos and their diverse efforts in film and TV (including themes for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Coraline, Austin Powers, Malcolm in the Middle among many) They Might Be Giants have blazed a vivid and original career path. They have sold millions of records worldwide and become notorious across the United States for delivering a barnstorming, original show.

‘This is the kind of record that parents won’t get sick of their kids playing nonstop.’ (PopMatters)
‘They make defiantly uncool look and sound unbelievably cool.’ (Village Voice)


26 June

Click here to hear a track and see a video from the new album