Thomas and the Travelling Post Office Weekend at the Nene Valley Railway (Sat 4 & Sun 5 April 2009)


Thomas is getting excited.

He has just heard the news that he is to haul the Travelling Post Office train with its important bags of mail that need sorting and delivering. It’s normally the big engines that get to haul the Travelling Post Office train, but Thomas has been given this special duty for this weekend only as all the big engines will be needed to haul the mainline trains.

Thomas has often watched at night as the Travelling Post Office train sped past his shed and wished he could be allowed to haul the train with its important load of letters and parcels that must be delivered to their destination by the morning. Now Thomas will be able to play his part in ensuring that the mail gets delivered.

Transporting the mail was one of the most important jobs undertaken by the railways and Thomas knows this only too well. He is determined to ensure that the mail gets through, so come along and help him deliver the mail.

Come and meet Postie Pete as he welcomes you onboard the Travelling Post Office coaches at Wansford, with Thomas at the front of the train.

Once onboard you will be able to see how mail used to be sorted, plus you may also get the chance to have ago at sorting mail yourself – just ask Postie Pete or one of his colleagues. Look at the picture below to see what the inside of a Travelling Post Office coach looks like.

As soon as everyone is onboard Thomas will then haul the Travelling Post Office coaches to Yarwell, where everyone will leave the train for the short walk to watch as Thomas operates the exchange of mail on the move.

Please note that the ground is not suitable for buggies, prams or wheelchairs.

The exchanging of mail on the move is an activity that few people have seen and it is easy to miss some of the action. Thomas has therefore arranged that the exchange of mail will take place on no fewer than three occasions during each trip, which will enable you to see the exchange in detail. Postie Pete or one of his colleagues will explain the operation to everyone before it starts.

Having seen the exchanges take place everyone will return to Yarwell Junction station to board the train back to Wansford, again hauled by Thomas. During the return journey the children will receive a “Postie Package” from Postie Pete, containing various “Thomas and the Travelling Post Office” goodies.

Departures from Wansford, with Thomas on the Travelling Post Office, are expected to be 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00, with arrival back at Wansford being just over one hour later.

Advanced booking for each service is essential for this event and bookings are now being taken on 01780 784444 between 09:00 and 16:00 seven days a week.
Nene Valley Railway Ltd
Wansford Station