Exhibition – Wallace & Gromit present… A World of Cracking Ideas at the Science Museum (to 31 Oct)


Techno-trousers, the Telly-scope and the Shopper 13, Wallace is famous for his wacky contraptions! Join him and Gromit as they guide you through the world of well-known inventions to discover how simple ideas can transform into life-changing devices.

In this fun family experience, which will take you through Wallace and Gromit’s home – from the kitchen to the garden shed, complete with flowery wallpaper, whirring conveyor-belt and wacky contraptions such as a spinning hat barometer delivering weather-appropriate headgear.  See some of the greatest objects ever invented, from the printing press to the telephone, plus some of the first ever patented inventions from the Science Museum’s collection.

What device in your house could you not live without? Let Wallace’s expertise inspire you in the ‘create your own’ workshop and develop your own idea for the next big thing.  Busy and noisy, the show boasts a wealth of interactive exhibits, from clay modelling to crawl- through mouseholes. Some could do with more labelling – strenuous pumping to raise Piella’s air balloon is fun, but what does it illustrate?

‘A World of Cracking Ideas’ is a joint venture between the Science Museum (which holds scores of inventions), Aardman Animations and the UK Intellectual Property Office, the museum’s big summer exhibition aims to educate kids about innovation through Nick Parks’s loveable, invention-crazy Wallace & Gromit.

Kids can compose tunes on Apple computers while unnoticed posters attempt to get across the message that music piracy is bad (good luck with that). There’s an under-fives play area where toddlers tumble among giant vegetable soft-toys while older siblings and adults marvel at the intricate model of W&G’s allotment. This is one of the most fascinating parts of the exhibition for Aardman fans, who can get up close to real sets and spot details such as the animators’ fingerprints on Wallace’s shirt sleeve.

To find out more and learn how to develop your own cracking idea along with tips and activities to encourage you to be innovative and creative, go to www.crackingideas.com.

Adults: £9.00
Conc: £7.00
Family (1 Adult, 2 Children): £21.00
Family (2 Adults, 2 Children): £30.00

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