Wargaming at Firepower, The Royal Artillery Museum in Woolwich (31 May)

royal-artilleryFirepower, The Royal Artillery Museum in Woolwich is preparing to stage a major event on Sunday May 31 focussed on the internationally popular hobby of wargaming.

The games use incredibly accurate model landscapes and scenery as well as painstakingly researched scale figures to bring history to life, but on a very small scale. Miniature tabletop battles from Ancient Rome to World War Two will be fought by enthusiasts in and among the Museum’s dramatic artillery exhibits.

Meanwhile, futuristic fantasy games will encourage the participants’ imagination to run wild. There will also be demonstration games and battles that visitors can join in while special workshops will show how to paint miniature models.

Visitors can also come to Meet the Expert sessions where the Museum’s own experts will be pleased to identify military antiques and memorabilia – but not weapons or ammunition for safety reasons. Trade stands will be there too offering everything a wargamer needs.

What is Firepower?
Firepower, The Royal Artillery Museum is based at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, the birthplace of the Royal Artillery which was founded there in 1716.  The history of artillery is illustrated by Firepower’s world-class display of artillery from catapults to rockets, from the medieval battlefield to modern peacekeeping missions, the collections including uniforms, drawings, diaries and medals bring together 700 years of artillery and human history. Experiences at Firepower include the ground-shaking Field of Fire audio-visual show where visitors are put in the midst of battle as shells and aircraft fly overhead and guns roar, giving an insight into the experiences of an artillery gunner.

How do I find out more?
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