Watch This Space @ National Theatre

Watch This Space is an awesome festival for Theatre, Circus, Dance and Music. If you like watching amazing things…this is the show for you. And the best thing of all is it’s completely FREE!

Not only do you get to watch things like aerial circus performances, tap dancing, street theatre performances and a load of other stuff that you have probably never seen before! But you also get the chance to join in.

There are a number of juggling workshops where you get to have a go. There’s also the chance to have a chat with a poor old mariner who is trapped in the mouth of a ginormous whale.

Why not go down for a night or two? It’s completely free so theres no excuse not to pop by and experience this amazing festival.

Event Info:

Dates: 13th August 2012-09 September 2012

Price: Free!

Location: National Theatre, London