Web Lab @ The Science Museum

The internet site Google have teamed up with The Science Museum to put together 5 exciting experiments!

Visitors to The Science Museum can take part in a ‘Universal Orchestra’ which is an internet powered, 8 piece robotic orchestra. ‘Sketchbots’ is where a series of robots take photos and sketch them out in sand.

There’s also ‘Data Tracer’ which is a map that traces where world’s online information is actually physically stored. But best of all, there is a ‘Teleporter’! Kind of.

You get to look through periscopes that let you see in to different places all over the world including an American bakery!

The aim of the exhibition is to inspire you to be the next web genius!

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Event Info:

When: Until 1st June 2013

Where: The Science Museum, SW7 2DD

Age: 0+

Price: Suggested Donation

Time: 10am-6pm