Write to your MP

Some of the problems faced by wildlife can only be solved by changes in the law, or in government policy.

One of the most important tasks of environmental organisations like the RSPB is trying to make sure that Members of Parliament and other decision makers know what changes are needed, and why they are important. But Members of Parliament are very busy.

They are interested in the issues their constituents (the people who live in the area and vote for them) care about. That’s where you come in.

Writing a letter about a conservation issue you care about makes your Member of Parliament sit up and take notice. It could really make a difference.

•        Pick a subject you feel really strongly about.  Something you really believe needs challenging.  You could choose an issue that an environmental organisation is running a campaign on. See further information for some organisations that run campaigns.

•        Find out as much as you can, so that you become a kind of expert on the issue. Get friends or family to challenge you with difficult questions so that you really get to understand the issue.

•        Then, write a letter to your local MP explaining what the issue is and why it is important.

•        If your MP is in the party of government, you can explain what you think they should be doing about it.

If your MP is in an opposition party, ask them what their party would do if they were in government.

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