2012 At The Cinema: Part One

After a fun-packed and adventure-fuelled year at the cinema, following 2011 will not be an easy task. Particularly with a certain boy wizard having finished his schooling at Hogwarts. But fear not! Because 2012 has more than enough excitement to bring you, and your box of popcorn, back to the big-screen.

Beauty and the Beast 3D

Belle and the Beast return in 3D

To kick off the year in style, in January, Disney are following last year’s 3D re-release of β€˜The Lion Kingβ€˜ with β€˜Beauty and the Beast 3Dβ€˜. The film tells a β€˜tale as old as time’ about the beautiful Belle, imprisoned in the castle of a Prince who has been turned into a Beast.

Hopefully the already spectacularly animated classic romance should now look even better. Another good reason to dig out your 3D glasses!


The Pirates!

Pirate Captain

In March, get ready to replace those 3D glasses with an eyepatch and set sail with β€˜The Pirates!β€˜, the latest animation from β€˜Wallace and Gromitβ€˜ creators Aardman (or should that be Aaargh-dman?). Pirate Captain (voiced by Hugh Grant) sets out with his band of misfit crew-mates to win the Pirate of the Year award.

Fingers crossed the film with have enough laughs not to make you want to walk the plank (last pirate joke, promise).


Superhero Films

2012 also promises several high-profile superhero movies, for those wishing to unleash your inner Superman or Elastigirl. Films set for release over the Summer holidays include Marvel’s β€˜The Avengersβ€˜, Batman β€˜The Dark Night Risesβ€˜ and the new Spider-Man movie, β€˜The Amazing Spider-Manβ€˜.


A very brave Agent J in Men In Black 3Men in Black III

Plus, in May Will Smith’s Agent J returns in the long-awaited β€˜Men In Black IIIβ€˜, with yet more alien adventures. And from the looks of the trailer, plenty of jumping from great heights.

Perhaps one to miss if you suffer from vertigo!



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