Billy Connolly and Emily Blunt tell us about Gulliver’s Travels


FILMCLUB member and Young Ambassador Dorothy (age 10) went to the press conference of Gulliver’s Travels for us, where she caught up with the fim’s stars – Billy Connolly and Emily Blunt – and director Rob Letterman.

Check out the video below for the interviews, and click here to read Dorothy’s review on the film too!

This is what Dorothy thought about the experience:

gulliver's-travels“It’s nice to see how normal the stars are. You expect them to be like what you see on TV and it’s nice to get to interview real people who have an experience in acting or directing.

The interviews were fun. I was quite nervous before I went to do my first one which was Emily Blunt but I really enjoyed it and there was nothing to be worried about. Emily Blunt was really friendly and was interested in talking about us as well as herself.

Billy Connolly was REALLY funny. He asked where I came from and when I said “Devon” he started singing a song about Devon. My friend Beatrice who did the interviews with me comes from Wimbledon and started singing “Wombles of Wimbledon”!

I expected Rob Letterman to be quite serious but he was actually really funny as well. You have to remember the director is just as big a star as the actors are.

I’m sure Director’s everywhere will be thrilled to hear Dorothy say that!

Now check out the interviews right here… and click here to read Dorothy’s review of Gulliver’s Travels!



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“Being a Young Ambassador has been a brilliant experience so far. It gives me a good knowledge of films because what most people think about a film is what they see on the screen.

Whereas now I can actually look into what happens in films and it’s really interesting and fun.”

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