Liz Kessler in The Club

emily-windsnapIf you’re a fan of either the Philippa Fisher or Emily Windsnap books, then we’ve got an interview for you!

The Emily Windsnap series was Liz’s first series of books, and is about an ordinary girl who accidentally finds out during a school swimming lesson that when she goes in water… she becomes a mermaid.

Philippa-Fisher-and-the-Stone-Fairy-s-PromiseThe Philippa Fisher series is about an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life – until she meets Daisy. Once Philippa discovers the truth about the new girl at school, her life will NEVER be the same again.

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In this interview, she’s told us why she decided to write about fairies and mermaids. Plus she’s got tips for all you young writers out there on how to come up with ideas and write your very own book!