Steven Butler in The Club

The-Wrong-PongIf you are a fan of Roald Dahl and Horrid Henry, then you’ll love the funny, stinky new story The Wrong Pong. In fact Francesca Simon says it’s Horrid Henryβ€˜s favourite book!

Written by Steven Butler, this gross story is all about a boy who ends up getting whooshed down the toilet to the world of Under – where he has to live with some pretty disgusting trolls!

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To see how on earth he came up with such an idea, last Thursday in The Club Sam spoke to the author himself Steven Butler.

If you missed it don’t worry because you can listen to the full interview right here:

[audio:Steven-Butler.mp3|titles=Steven Butler in The Club with Sam]

The Wrong Pong is written by Steven Butler and published by Puffin – and is out now! To find out more visit and also