Watch The Shades become wrestlers in an N60Sean WWE 2K17 match – it’s Mike vs. Tristan vs. Rich vs. Nathan!

Mike gets to live out his dream of being a real-life wrestler... sort of!

The Shades popped in to Fun Kids to chat to Sean about their amazing new single – 24 Hours a Day!

We’ve been playing 24 Hours a Day every single day this week as Josh’s Next Big Thing!

Whilst they were here, the boys hopped on to the PlayStation for a pretty special WWE 2K17 match – which you can see on Sean’s N60Sean YouTube channel!

Sean had re-created the four lads in the game and all that was left to do was to battle it out! It’s Mike vs. Tristan vs. Rich vs. Nathan… who’ll be victorious?

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You can hear The Shades chatting more about their latest single, how they met and playing a very silly game with Sean called… 24 Hours a Day!

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