Check out LEGO® Juniors Police Helicopter Chase!

Help the police and protect the city!

policeWe’ve been testing out the new LEGO® Juniors sets here at Fun Kids! Check out the LEGO® Juniors Police Helicopter Chase! Click here to find out more!

Help the Police Protect and Serve with LEGO® Juniors Police Helicopter Chase! Put together the easy-to-build Police Helicopter and take to the skies to spot crime. 

There’s a thief breaking into the ATM at the bank! Quick! Get the searchlight on him from your helicopter and grab your walkie-talkie for back-up! Make sure he doesn’t get away. Once you’re on the ground, get that thief handcuffed and into custody. Great job! You’ve caught him in the act!

LEGO® Juniors sets are great for if you’re 4 – 7 years old. They come with easy-to-follow instructions so you can get building right away!

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