The A to Z of The Voice

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A is for auditions in front of a live audience – it’s enough to make anyone anxious!


B is for the battle rounds when each coach has to ditch one of their own acts (boo!) B is also for Brutal!


C is for cray-cray coaches! And has met his match with Paloma!


D is for Divas! Rita Ora, Kylie, Jessie J and now Boy George – the biggest diva of all!


E is for emotional. For every winner theres got to be a loser. Tissues at the ready, people!


F is for the fab families who watch backstage and shout at the coaches, even though they can’t hear them!

G is for getting giddy. Just imagine twirling around in those chairs all day!


H is for hosts Emma Willis and Marvin Humes. The happy, smiley pair are back again this year!


I is for “I Want You!” Which is written on the back of the coaches’ chairs.


J is for jumping channels. The Voice is heading to ITV1 next year!


K is for the knockouts where the coaches choose their final three acts. Got to be cruel to be kind!


L is for Live Show. L is also for last-minute panics which the contestants probably have before going on stage!

2009-07-18 127 Latitude Paloma Faith

M is for magician’s assistant. One of many of the jobs Paloma did before she became a pop star!


N is for NASA!’s song Reach For The Stars was the first tune ever to broadcast on Mars!


O is for “Oh no!” No-one turned round. What a shame!

P is for Paloma’s funky fashion sense. Totally epic!


Q is for quirky. And yes, we are still talking about Paloma’s wacky wardrobe!


R is for ruffled feathers, which the judges have whenever they fall out. Handbags away judges, please!


S is for steals. This year there’s a brand-new twist – the coaches can steal two acts each!


T is for cosy Sunday night TV. Ricky Wilson is a big fan apparently. We bet he wears a onesie.


U is for The Voice USA. Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine has been a coach since the very beginning.

maxresdefault (8)

V is for The Voice Kids! It’s a whole new show coming next year! Sounds great!


W is for winner. Let’s hope we have a winner to remember this year!


X is for X Factor. It was a bit of a shock when ex-coach Rita Ora quit the show and joined its rival. Ouch!

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Y is for you! Download the official app and you can rate the performances too. It’s like you’re sitting in the big red chair!


Z is for zoo – as sometimes all that warbling makes us think we’re in one!


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