10 things you never knew about Let It Shine!

It's the Disney Channel original movie


On Friday 20th July at 6pm on Disney Channel UK you’ll be able to watch the premiere of the brand new Disney Channel Original Movie, Let It Shine!


Set in a world of hip-hop, rap and gospel music, Let It Shine follows a teengage boy called Cyrus DeBarge who’s a talented musician under the name of Truth.

However, when he writes a heartfelt rhyme about his friend Roxie, his friend Kris accidentally gets credit for his work – not only that, he starts to win Roxie’s heart too!

So now, it’s up to Cyrus to step up and take his opportunity to go after what he wants.

The film is already been a huge hit in the U.S., and for all of you wanting the inside scoop here’s 10 things you never knew about Let It Shine!

let-it-shine-characterslLet It Shine Secret One…

Coco And Tyler Are The Best Singers In The Cast!

Tyler James Williams (who plays Cyrus DeBarge in the movie) explains: “There’s a lot of singing, dancing and rapping in Let It Shine. We had a lot of fun filming the movie, but I’m definitely not the best singer in the cast; that’s a tie between Trevor Jackson and Coco Jones. It’s funny because Trevor doesn’t do any singing in Let It Shine, but he has a fantastic voice. Coco is an amazing singer, too. It’s so strong. She blows everyone away with her vocals.”

Let It Shine Secret Two…

The Movie Was Shot In Georgia!

Trevor Jackson (who plays Kris McDuffy in the movie) reveals: “A lot of movies are shot in California, but we headed to the southern state of Georgia to film Let It Shine. We had a great time there! Southern people are awesome and there’s so much greenery there. Southern hospitality is amazing – and the food is great, too. We had a blast!”

Let It Shine Secret Three…

The Cast Became Paparazzi Targets!

Tyler James Williams chuckles: “While we were shooting Let It Shine, Kim Kardashian came to Georgia to shoot another movie – and there were loads of paparazzi following her. We got caught out a few times by the paparazzi, which was very bizarre. I remember sitting in my trailer watching the news when I saw some footage of me leaving the set and walking to the room I was sitting in! It was crazy.”

Let It Shine Secret Four…

Many Of The Movie’s Extras Were Locals!

Coco Jones (who plays Roxie Andrews in Let It Shine) admits: “The finale of the movie is set in a church, but we didn’t shoot the scenes on a soundstage or in a studio; we shot everything in a real church in Georgia. The producers asked the church’s congregation if they wanted to be in the movie and loads of them agreed. They all came in and acted for us. It was so cool!”

Let It Shine Secret Five…

Trevor Jackson Does His Own Back Flips In The Movie!

Tyler James Williams confesses: “I found the choreography in the movie really tough because I’d never danced like this before. It was fun, but challenging – and it took me a while to get it right. Coco and Trevor were much better than me. Trevor does some amazing back flips in the movie – and he never even called in a stunt double to do them! I’d love to say I was the best dancer in the cast of Let It Shine, but that would be a lie. I’m probably the worst dancer out of us three!”

Let It Shine Secret Six…

The Cast Went Bowling On Their Days Off!

Coco Jones reveals: “Everyone in the cast got along really well and we’d all hang out together when we weren’t working. We’d go to the movies or we’d go bowling. Trevor was the best at bowling out of everyone. He’s got very strong arms and he can shoot really well.”

Let It Shine Secret Seven…

Coco Personalised Her Trailer!

Tyler James Williams explains: “Everyone in the cast had their own trailer on the set. I only used mine to change in, so I didn’t bother decorating it – but Coco went to town with her trailer. She added a lot of pink to the room and she hung up blankets over the windows to give it a cool hippy vibe. It had a really great ambience to it. Her trailer was cool; mine was just plain!”

Let It Shine Secret Eight…

Trevor Jackson Has The Loudest Burp In The Cast!

Tyler James Williams reveals: “The food on the set of Let It Shine was amazing! We spent a lot of time eating, but it was hilarious to watch Trevor Jackson tuck into his meals. He eats like an infant because the food goes everywhere! I remember one time in particular when he was eating a sandwich. I looked up and there was mayonnaise in his hair. I thought to myself, ‘How does that happen?’ And then he let out the biggest burp in the world. He’s definitely the burping champion in the cast!”

Let It Shine Secret Nine…

They Shot A Dream Sequence In A Dusty Warehouse!

Coco Jones admits: “The crew did such a fantastic job with the movie. They transformed a huge, dusty building into an amazing performance area for a dream scene in the film. They put in a bunch of mirrors and added a runway. It was crazy! You’d never imagine it was an empty space before we started shooting in there.”

Let It Shine Secret Ten…

Tyler James Williams Is The Party King Of The Cast!

Tyler James Williams chuckles: “We had a lot of cool parties during the filming of Let It Shine. We’d be so excited after we finished filming for the day that we could never go to sleep straight away. That’s when everyone would usually come

Let It Shine premieres at 6pm on Friday 20th July on Disney Channel UK

Let It Shine, the official soundtrack is released by Walt Disney Records on 16th July