Would You Rather…? with WITS Academy!

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The star of WITS Academy Daniela Nieves answers these very important questions with Girl Talk mag!


Go to WITS Academy or Hogwarts?
Daniela: Hogwarts. I am totally obsessed with Harry Potter, so it would be a dream come true!


Be able to speak any language or able to speak to animals?
Daniela: Any language – definitely! It would be great to be able to have a conversation with anyone!


Become a mermaid or a unicorn for the day?
Daniela: A mermaid, 100%! Unicorns don’t do much, whereas mermaids can swim underwater and be surrounded by all the amazing sea life. So cool!


Share your house with a spider or a snake?
Daniela: A snake. I think that would be much cooler!


Be a witch or a superhero?
Daniela: That’s a hard one! I think I’d prefer to be a superhero because I would have fun saving the world!


Have a magician turn you into a toad or a chicken?
Daniela: Hmmm. I think a toad would definitely be more fun than a chicken. I could jump!

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