5-year-old calls 911 to tell police the Grinch is planning to steal Christmas!

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A five-year-old in America has called 911 to report something really important… The Grinch’s plan to steal Christmas!

TyLon called the police in Mississippi after he saw the Grinch online and discovered his plan.

Instead of being angry, Byram Police Department took his complains very seriously!

On Monday, the Grinch was caught and was taken into a holding cell by TyLon, with the help of the local police.

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Still wearing his Santa outfit, the Grinch put up no fight as he was shut in the holding cell inside the police department.

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Byram Police Chief Luke Thompson presented TyLon with a Grinch doll so he could always remember the occasion.

He also said:

“Let’s have a little joy this year. And this has certainly brought a lot of people joy.”

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