5SOS compare their new album to Pokemon!


Most bands would compare their new album to that of another band – but not 5 Seconds of Summer!

Oh no, the 5SOS boys do things just a little bit differently to everyone else.

This was proven when the fellas were asked by MTV News to describe the sound of upcoming album number 2.

“Evolving,” the boys revelaled. “Like a Pokemon.”

Er… sorry, what?

“Yeah, like a Pokemon!” Ashton confirmed.

If you’re about as puzzled as we are, don’t worry, the four explained what they meant… with more Pokemon chat.

“It’s kind of like a Squirtle. We’re Squirtle right now and we’re trying to evolve into a Wartortle.”

But what does that mean?

“For those out there who don’t understand a Pokémon metaphor, Michael was trying to say we’re evolving,” Ashton explained.

Oh right! So the new album shows how the band have grown up and matured since the first! You should’ve said!


In that case, we can confirm that the boy’s third album will be just like the transformation of Wartortle to Blastoise.

Although, we’re not too sure what that sounds like. We’ll keep you posted.

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