9-year-old girl plans to sleep in local library to stop it closing

We all know libraries are a great place to relax and read, but have you ever thought about sleeping in one overnight? Well, that’s what 9-year-old Jessica Trueman is planning to do!

The government are looking to close down Jessica’s local library in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire – something Jessica massively disagrees with,

‘I am really angry about this. If libraries close, where can we go to get books? Not everyone can afford to go buy them.’

After trying to approach the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and other government members and being dismissed, Jessica has decided to take things into her own hands by planning a ‘sleep-in’ at her local library with her sister and friends.

That way the libraries won’t even be able to close for the night, let alone for good!

Jessica’s brave campaign certainly seems to be gathering support with now over 80 children in her school signed up to her petition to prevent the library closing, and now the newspaper First News is supporting her campaign too.

For Jessica it is all about making the government actually listen to kids:

‘No one is listening to children’s views. Books are special. You can read amazing stories and learn about history and different places in the world. I use two libraries to help me with my homework and both are being shut down. I hope you understand that you are making a big mistake. I won’t let this drop so please sort it out.

If you want to find out more about Jessica’s campaign and to sign her petition, please go to www.firstnews.co.uk/saveourlibraries