Adele is banned from music shop!

adele-sq-picThere aren’t many people more popular right now than Adele, except in one music shop in Dublin.

They’ve banned customers from playing Adele’s music on their keyboards. The shop, called Opus ii, has placed a sign in its window saying ‘Strictly NO Adele’.

So why is this?

According to Warren, an Opus ii shop assistant, it’s because nearly every person who tests out one of the keyboards at the shop starts playing Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’, which can get rather frustrating for the poor people working there!

‘It’s become the piano equivalent of ‘Stairway to Heaven’. Everyone thinks they can play it,’ Warren told The Independent, ‘The sign was a bit of a joke, but the song can drive you mad.’

So if you’re thinking of trying out a keyboard, make sure you pick a different tune to play!

We can certainly see why the song is so popular though – check out Adele performing it live below: