Are aliens hidden at Area 51? What’s inside the Global Seed Vault? And what’s the name of Disney’s top secret club?!

Five amazing places you can't visit...

Dr. Seuss once wrote a book called ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go!’, but you probably won’t find these places mentioned in it!

They’re very secret and exclusive and only a handful of people have ever been inside.

This TOP SECRET list contains military bases, an island full of snakes, and even a secret Disney club!

We can’t show you inside (even Sean isn’t important enough for that!) but we can tell you everything we know about them…

Area 51

Have aliens visited Area 51? Is there secret alien technology being investigated at Area 51?

Probably not, but lots of people think there is!

Area 51 is hidden one hour’s drive down an unmarked road in Nevada in America. It’s wedged between a load of mountains so nobody can really see inside.

It’s like having an itch on your back that you can’t reach. You know it’s there but are unable to get to it.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

The Svalbard Seed Vault looks like something from a computer game! And it’s not that you can’t visit, just that it’s very, very hard to.

It’s really close to the North Pole meaning to get there you’d have to sail through ice-cold water for weeks, meet a few polar bears, and then walk across hundreds of miles of ice!

The vault holds lots of seeds deep underground. It’s supposed to help protect our food sources on the off-chance something disastrous happens.

The vault contains samples from over one-third of the world’s most important food crops, including potatoes, strawberries, and corn! Yummy!

Bank of England

You can walk in to the bank – it’s just like any other but reaalllyy big! What you can’t visit is the Bank’s vaults.

It’s the second oldest bank in the world and is obviously off limits to the public as it contains hundreds of thousands of gold bars!

The gold in the vault is worth an amazing 156 BILLION pounds. Just imagine all the chocolate you could buy with that!

The keys to open the vault door are a whopping 3 FEET LONG. That’s roughly half the size of an adult.

Snake Island

This is an island full of SNAKES!

There are so many snakes, some people think there’s one per meter on the island – that’s 430,000 snakes… That’s A LOT of snakes!

It sits off the coast of Brazil. Because the snakes on the island are so endangered, the island is off limits to the general public.

Disney’s Club 33

Club 33 is located in Disneyland, Orlando! It’s especially for friends who help the company out and some people have to pay £35,000 just to enter!

You have to press a buzzer which is hidden underneath a panel in the doorway to get in. Or you can tap your membership card to the door and make it open. Sounds pretty stealthy right?

Once inside, you are free to explore one of two levels. The second floor houses many pieces of really old furniture as well as various props from classic Disney movies…

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