Angry Birds fly onto TV!

angry_birds_spaceOn Friday 23rd March at 6pm, Angry Birds will be soaring onto TV with an all-new exclusive short film called Angry Birds Space.

The film will be shown on Nickelodeon and will also reveal six brand-new birds!

So what’s the story? It shows how the Angry Birds end up in space.

It begins on a day much like any other, but suddenly a cosmic vortex appears and brings visitors from another galaxy with some unfriendly intentions.

This means the heroic birds have to slingshot themselves into a new adventure – space.

And if you want to help the birds in space then you can do just that with the brand new Angry Birds Space game available now.

For Android users click here and for the Mac App Store click here

To get a sneak preview of the game, plus a very surreal announcement of the game from the International Space Station, check out this video: