Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp comes out one day early, available now on iOS and Android!

Find out what happens in the game below...

Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, is available now worldwide!

The game focuses on convincing your animal villagers to stick around at your campsite by foraging for materials and crafting their fave furniture. It’s a little bit like running a hotel for some of Animal Crossing’s familiar faces…

Outside your camp, there is also a beach, river, island, and other areas that are accessible through your camper, which you can also decorate!

Additionally, you can visit your real friends to check out their camps to give them “kudos” on their decorations and see what items they’re selling in their Market Box. 

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The game features the ability to visit shops run by the regular game cast to purchase new clothing and furniture to customise your personal space.

There’s also OK Motors, where you can purchase major upgrades that expand your RV’s interior and allow you to trick out your in-game camper.

Any time you visit the game, it reflects the time of day and current season of the real world, so if you’re connecting in the middle of the night, you’re going to see the Animal Crossing world in darkness.

Nintendo has said it will be launching seasonal events over the holidays with exclusive furniture, outfits, and item decorations for players to collect.

You can fish, farm, and frolic around the Animal Crossing world!

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Pocket Camp is free on iOS and Android, though it does contain micro-transactions.

You’ll need to spend real money to purchase things called ‘Leaf Tickets’ to speed up your progress although these can also be acquired through gameplay.

Some people have also been complaining about the amount of data the game might take up.

You need to have an active internet connection to play Pocket Camp and that means you’re connecting to Nintendo’s server.

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