Apple release brand new emoji – Emoji 5.0 – including giraffe, rock-climbing, dinosaurs, and more!

See them below!

Loads of brand new emojis have been announced!

iOS 11.1 adds new emojis from Apple, including a giraffe, rock-climbing emoji, dinosaurs, and more!

Fantasy characters such as a mermaids and genies as well as vampires are included, along with orange heart, dumpling, and a winter scarf.

This new list of emoji is called Emoji 5.0. Most emojis in Emoji 5.0 relied upon new code.

The list of new emojis coming to your keyboard should now be 239, when gender and skin tone is taken into account!

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Emoji 5.0 is currently only available to developers, who are the people that make apps.

No release date for iOS 11.1 has been set but this is expected to be in late October, or early November.

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